3661 19th Street San Francisco CA 94110

A group of real estate Speculators bought this 12 unit apartment building in 2018.

They attempted to evict all of the renters twice, some of whom have been there for over 30 years [2018-2023].

Speculators were evicting seniors, LGBTQ, people of color, and working class people from their homes - including children.

Tenants are organized, fought off the serial evictors, and are staying in their homes.

Tenants being ‘Ellis Acted’ join forces to fight serial evictors

Castro eviction battle shows total failure of state housing laws

Tenants near Dolores Park fight 'devastating' Ellis Act evictions

Ellis Act protesters blast real estate speculators as tenants face eviction

San Francisco tenants stand united against speculative landlord

We need to strengthen our local housing preservation programs and reform the Ellis Act (Rafael Mandelman)

SF tenants deliver 'coal' to landlords suing to evict them

Tenants go to landlords’ house and ask them to call off Ellis Act eviction

SF residents protest eviction (KTVU Fox 2)

Hundreds gather in Castro in support of Cleve Jones, other tenants facing displacement

Flower Lady’s plight highlights Ellis Act evictions in the Mission

Overpriced, Overwhelmed, Over it! Investigating California's Housing Crisis (NBC Bay Area)

3661 19th Street Tenants (Facebook)

Today we celebrated the residents of 3661 19th Street who fought back and won (Rafael Mandelman)

SF program saves two dozen tenants from Ellis Act eviction

SF tenants' long eviction nightmare ends with building sold to nonprofit

Speculators: 3661 19th Street LLC, VR Investments LLC, Pollack and Wong Living Trust Dated March 17 2008, The Malak Family Revocable Trust Dated 29 November 2006, The Ryan C. Fong Living Trust Dated February 15, 2016, Jeffrey Pollack, Edith Wong, Pierre Malak, Tracy Malak, Ryan Fong, etc.

Who is Ryan Fong aka Ryan Chiyu Fong?
Why is Ryan Fong evicting seniors and LGBTQ?
Ryan C. Fong, Principal Scientist at ArsenalBio
(Deep Valley Labs | Intrexon Corporaton | DuPont Pioneer | Codexis Inc | Stanford University alum)
Is Manjui Violet Lee, Principal Scientist at Genentech, a beneficiary of the Ryan C. Fong Living Trust?
Under Development

Who is Edith Wong aka Edith Denise Wong?
Why is Edith Wong evicting seniors and LGBTQ?
Edith D. Wong, Senior Biocurator at Stanford University
(Stanford University School of Medicine | University of California Davis alum)
Penta Equity Group LLC is a recipient of PPP loans during the pandemic / eviction attempts.
Under Development

Who is Jeffrey Pollack aka Jeffrey Scott Pollack?
Why is Jeff Pollack evicting seniors and LGBTQ?
Jeffrey S. Pollack, Senior Managing Partner at Trident Equity Group LLC
Trident Equity Group LLC is a recipient of PPP loans during the pandemic / eviction attempts.
Under Development

Who is Tracy Malak aka Tracy Ann Malak?
Why is Tracy A. Malak evicting seniors and LGBTQ?
Under Development

Who is Pierre Malak aka Pierre Elias Malak?
Why is Pierre Malak evicting seniors and LGBTQ?
Pierre E. Malak, Realtor at Realty One Group Infinity (DRE #01374262)
Under Development

3661 19th St San Francisco CA 94110
12 Units Rental Property / Apartment Building in Mission Dolores

Mission Multi Unit - Under Development

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